Worm Castings

Fast-Release Fertilizer

Available in bulk and bagged quantities

Soil amendment for various plants, garden beds, planters, and potted plants.


Premium Organic Fast Release Fertilizer: Yields quick results within weeks.

Versatile Application: Suitable for annual and perennial plants, vegetable and flower garden beds, planters, and potted plants.

Easy to Use: No complicated measuring or mixing required.

Worm Casting Tea: Offers a liquid solution for efficient nutrient distribution.

Application Methods

Potted Plants: Sprinkle ½ a handful on top of soil near the root base of the plant

Transplant: Toss in ½ a handful at the bottom of the hole before placing the plant

Starter Mix or Potting Soil: Mix 1-part castings to 3 parts soil

Gardens: Apply a 2-3” layer and gently mix into the soil to evenly distribute

Worm Casting Tea: A liquid solution made by steeping castings in water

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are worm castings?

    Worm castings are an organic fertilizer made by worms. Worm castings manure, also known as Vermi-cast, is simply earth worm excrement, often known as worm poop or worm manure.

  • What is the difference between animal manure and worm manure?

    There is no smell. Worm manure is a more stable and balanced refined product. Typical animal manures are not always mature and will burn plants if used incorrectly. Worm castings take out all the guess work and can be used immediately.

  • Can you apply too much castings?

    Simple answer is NO, you can not add too many worm castings to your garden. Castings are just digested organic matter; the plant will only take what it needs and they will not burn your plants due to too much nitrogen. Castings can contain 4% to 5% more nitrogen than your average garden soil, it has a slow-release form due to the mucous the worms secrete as they digest (bait fishermen and most kids know the slime we are talking about).

    The concept of burning plants came with the emergence of synthetic fertilizers. With organic gardening, there are very few risks of overdosing your garden.

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