Custom Grinding

Turn your waste into usable product

We can provide custom grinding of source separated materials with our specialized equipment and turn your material into a usable product for your own use or to sell.

Help your community to reduce the amount of waste going to your landfill. This can be your “Green Opportunity” to give them a second life cycle and become part of the Full Circular Economy and reduce greenhouse gasses.

  • Trees
  • Construction wood
  • Compost
  • Shingles
Grinding Branches
Our grinder named “The Bandit Beast” is a specialized Horizontal Grinder unit with a powerful 780-horsepower, highspeed engine that can reduce your material down to a spec size for whatever application you need for your project. This Beast is equipped with a very large magnet for removal of metals during the grinding process ensuring a refined and quality product.

Materials are best collected source separated to ensure a safer, better-quality product and make the grinding process more cost efficient.

Green Opportunities has provided custom grinding services for several years in Alberta and Saskatchewan for Municipalities, Private Enterprise, Colony’s, and landfills to name a few. Every project is unique and the variables can be immense when it comes to what materials are being processed, to what finished spec size, the space available to work and the preferences on how the job is completed.

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  • Want to do the project on your own?

    No problem — the Beast is available for rent with an operator and can be easily transported to where your project is for your convenience and efficiency.