Landscaping Mulch

Available in bulk and bagged quantities

Made from 100% recycled wood, locally sourced from factories, construction sites, and customer drop-off.

  • Adds value and quality to improve the look of your yard with low maintenance.
  • Beneficial to gardens – helps with weed suppression, retains water, and helps regulate the soil temperature, keeping plants moist and cool in the hot seasons.
  • Helps slow the rate of nitrogen being released from your soil.
  • Has a slow decomposition rate and creates an organic fertilizer for your soil as it breaks down.

Rich tones of natural red-brown and black.

  • 1-85L Bag will cover 3 sq ft at 1” thick
  • 1 yard will cover 27 sq ft at 1” thick

Frequently asked questions

  • Does hardwood bark mulch draw bugs?

    Any organic material has the capability of drawing insects or bugs. This is not a bad thing because it is a part of the natural scheme of things. These are part of the living organisms that help create living soils.

  • Is your mulch treated?

    No, we do not treat our mulches with any chemicals. They are all organic.

  • What is the best kind of mulch to use?

    The type of mulch you use depends on your application. Courser mulch does well in large areas and around large trees and on hillsides. A medium to fine mulch works well around shrubs and flowers.

  • How many yards will my truck hold?

    A standard size pickup bed holds 2 cubic yards.

    A small pickup bed holds 1 cubic yard.

  • How often will I need to mulch?

    This will depend on how much direct sunlight is on the colored mulch.  The less direct sunlight the longer the color will hold.  To keep them looking good you may need to top-dress them once every other year. Top dressing is applying about an inch of material on top of existing material.

  • Sometimes I get mold on top of mulch?

    When it gets very hot and humid a fungus sometimes grows on top of mulch. It can easily be fixed by breaking up and mixing with a fork or a hoe. This is a good sign that the organisms are at work in your garden bed.

  • Will mulch keep my beds weed free?

    Mulch will help suppress most of your weeds and any that do come up are easy to pull. As much as we want to say weeds will not grow, we cannot control what seeds weather, birds or bugs may carry in.

  • What is the best weed barrier?

    There are many ways such as landscaping fabric, newspaper, cardboard etc. As you apply mulches over the years it can start to create a thin crust that help limit weeds from establishing and still allows water through for plants.

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